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The real deal. 

The Gluten-Free Corn Muffin is made with a whole grain coarse flour as it should be, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you take a peek below you’ll notice that corn coarse flour is actually quite coarse. We love that. Because for one, it naturally sweet, and secondly, it helps keep the firm structure of the classic corn muffin we have all grown to love. [read more]Over the years, others have turned to finer corn flour, but if you’re a true Corn enthusiast, those among us that appreciate a real corn muffin, you like your corn muffin with a certain degree of firmness and crunch. At Sensible we try to follow a path of pureness, hence the use of organic and natural ingredients such as the ones below. [/read]



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Organic Whole Grain Coarse Corn Flour.

Rice Flour.

Canola Oil.

Organic Sugar.

Coconut Milk.

Coconut Yogurt.

Potato Starch.

Flax Seed.

Tapioca Flour.




Baking Soda.

Baking Powder.



Vegan Gluten-Free Corn Ingredients

nutrition facts

one muffin= 150 grams

Calories (kcal)


Total Fat ... 19g (29%)
Saturated Fat ... 1g (8%)
Trans Fat ... 0g (0%)
Sodium..274mg (11%)
Potassium... 384 mg (11%)
Cholesterol ... 77mg (26%)
Total Carbohydrate ... 66g (22%)
Dietary Fiber ... 3 g (13%)
Sugars ... 30 g
Added Sugars ... 29 g
Protein ... 7 g (14%)
Vitamin C ... 0 mg (0%)
Vitamin A (i.u.) ... 334 IU (2.7%)
Calcium ... 120 mg (12%)
Iron ... 2 mg (10%)
Vitamin D ... 18IU (3%)

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Certified Gluten-Free Oat flour. Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar.  Bananas. Potato Starch. Carrots. Canola Oil. Tapioca Starch. Apples. Coconuts. Vanilla Extract. Cinnamon.Salt. Baking Powder.

vegan gluten-free cocoa bean

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Certified Gluten-Free Oat Flour. Cocoa Powder.  Unsweetened Applesauce. Organic Cane Sugar. Coconut Oil. Non-dairy Chocolate Chips. Coconut Milk. Cinnamon. Baking Soda. Vanilla. Salt.

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    Vegan Gluten-Free Corn Ingredients

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