red velvet whoopie [gf/v]

A vegan cream cheese recipe that will melt your heart away!

Whether your single or attached, these vegan gluten-free red velvet whoopies are so delicious they will be the real reason to celebrate. 

Our whoopies have a soft fluffy texture made from certified gluten-free oat flour, organic sugar, coconut milk, and cocoa powder topped off with a soy-free based cream cheese frosting that hits the spot just right to satisfy that sweet craving on Valentine’s day! If our Vegan Gluten-Free Red Velvet Whoopie just doesn’t cut it, and you’re boyfriend has quite the sweeet tooth then try our Red Velvet Cake to satisfy his craving all week. Yes we are still talking about Cake (lol).

— Shelf life 4 days

— Store in a room temperature.

— Individually packed with nutritional labels.


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Certified Gluten-Free Oat Flour

Organic Cane Sugar

Coconut Milk

Coconut Oil

Vegan Butter

Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil

Cocoa Powder

Flax Seed

Baking Powder

Baking Soda




Allergen: Contains SOY

nutrition facts

one whoopie = 200 grams

Calories (kcal)


Total Fat ... 19g (30%)
Saturated Fat ... 12g (59%)
Cholesterol ... 0mg (0%)
Total Carbohydrate ... 47g (16%)
Dietary Fiber ... 7g (30%)
Protein ... 7g (15%)
Sodium ... 270mg (11%)
Potassium ... 337mg (10%)
Calcium ... 50mg (5%)
Sugars ... 25g
Iron ... 3mg (15%)
Vitamin C ... <1mg (<1%)
Vitamin A (i.u.) ... 0IU (0%)

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