vegan gluten free pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie

the obligatory holiday dessert

Pie is generally a must at any holiday dinner, that’s a given, but a vegan gluten-free pumpkin pie is the real kicker.  If you’re trying to impress the inlaws or heading home for the holidays, then do it right, better yet, do it clean with simple, sensible, and real ingredients.  Considering granny busted her but all day for the perfect family dinner, you better bring the good stuff, she’ll appreciate the sentiment. #eatsensible

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Light Brown Sugar.

Coconut Milk.

Maple Syrup.

Corn Starch.






*V/Gf Crust Whole Grain Brown Rice Flour. Sweet White Rice Flour. Tapioca Flour. Oat Flour. Organic Cane Sugar. Vegan Butter. Xanthan. Water. Salt.

vegan gluten-free pumpkin pie

nutrition facts

one slice= 100 grams

Calories (kcal)


Total Fat ... 16g (25%)
Saturated Fat ... 7g (35%)
Trans Fat ... 0g (0%)
Sodium...196 mg (8%)
Potassium... 272 mg (8%)
Cholesterol ... 0 mg (0%)
Total Carbohydrate ...27 g (9%)
Dietary Fiber ... 2 g (7%)
Sugars ... 14 g
Added Sugars ... 14 g
Protein ... 2 g (4%)
Vitamin C ... 4 mg (7%)
Vitamin A (i.u.) ... 3862 IU (77%)
Calcium ... 32 mg (3%)
Iron ... 1 mg (7%)
Vitamin D ... 0 IU (0%)

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 Fresh Eggs. Heavy Cream. Sweetened Coconut Flakes. Light Brown Sugar. Organic Whole Milk. Vanilla. Salt.

*V/GF Crust

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    vegan gluten-free pumpkin pie

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