10-inch 3 layered chocolate keto cake

when dad’s a diabetic but still has a sweet tooth.

So, this is a post for all of you keto goers out there with a craving for sweetness— look no further, introducing our Sugar-Free Chocolate Keto Cake .  Sensible has got your back with this keto chocolate cake.

Welcome to the world of Keto and diabetics, where even cake is allowed. This Gluten-free keto chocolate cake is almost as good as that chocolate birthday cake you had growing up. You know, except now, its got no sugar and is 100% safe for diabetics! Enjoy a simple and erythritol-based chocolate-filled cake with 3 layers of unsweetened chocolate ganache. Mic drop! Erythritol (ur·i·thruh·taal) is a natural occurring sweetener derived from plants that does not raise your blood sugar levels. That may sound obvious to some, but truth be told most other sugar alcohols raise your blood sugar level. Not erythritol and certainly not this Sugar-Free Chocolate Keto Cake. Erythritol is the real deal, and possibly the only alternate sweetener aside from monk fruit and stevia you actually want to digest.  Learn more about the science behind erythritol from our gal pal at What Sugar Blog

WE love erythritol so much, we’ve substituted 20% of sugar out of our most popular cookie, The Energy Cookie, to raise awareness and help prevent future sugar-related health problems in our community.

— Shelf life 10 days.

— Please refrigerate.

— Feeds 20-24 people.

— We don’t write on cakes, piping frosting has chemicals and preservatives we tend to stay away from.  No worries, we offer birthday candles that read out “Happy Birthday” and a hand written card free of charge.



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Almond Flour*

Cocoa Powder*

Organic Erythritol*

Organic Vegan Butter (Melt)

Whole Milk

Baking Soda*



Frosting: Vegan Butter [Soy Free].  Unsweetened  Chocolate. Whole Milk.

*Certified Gluten-free

CONTAINS ALMONDS & MILK. MAY CONTAIN SOY (from Soy Lecithin found in chocolate)

Sugar-Free Chocolate Keto Cake

nutrition facts

one slice= 190 grams

Calories (kcal)


Total Fat ... 51g (80)
Saturated Fat ... 26g (132%)
Trans Fat ... 0g (0%)
Sodium...58mg 2%)
Potassium... 861 mg (25%)
Cholesterol ... 117mg (39%)
Total Carbohydrate ... 28g (10%)
Dietary Fiber ... 15g (61%)
Sugars ... 3.2 g
Sugars alcohols ... 20 g
Added Sugars ... 0 mg
Protein ... 16 g (31%)
Vitamin C ... .0 mg (0%)
Vitamin A (i.u.) ... 710 IU (480%)
Calcium ... 184 mg (18%)
Iron ... 3mg (17%)
Vitamin D ... 0 IU (<1%)

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    Sugar-Free Chocolate Keto Cake

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