Rose Scented Origami Flowers

The gift that won’t wilt in a week

We’re not sure how “vegan” traditional roses are, but we assure you these Rose Scented Origami Flowers are much more sustainable. And they don’t wilt in a week! Our employee Shardul Sigdel, aka the Origami Buddha, creates and sells these beautiful Roses on his time off from school and work. We want to help cultivate this young man’s wholesome habits by  supporting his dreams. We are thankful you are doing the same. Shardul hopes to become an NASA engineer, creating origami-like equipment that will deploy in space. He typically gives his origamis out for free at our L.I.C. Location with his own tip jar aside his collection. Only now the increasing demand for his origami has helped flower his passion into a soon-to-be business. See what I did there? “flower”.  Anyway, they take him about an hour to make a single Rose Scented Origami Flowers and he tops it off with rose perfume to go the extra mile with the ladies.  Check out his Instagram and help support his passion. 

— All sales go directly to Shardul.

— Individually packed as seen. 


Made With Love

Origami Flowers on Black tray

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talk to Shardul about his origami roses

    Rose Scented Origami Flowers

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